6 Tips For Purchasing Your New Shoes

If the shoe does not fit your feet properly, the chances of you tripping will automatically increase. A bad fit causes discomfort and increases the chances of injuries and health conditions like diabetes, circulatory disorders, and arthritis. It is important to practice good foot care, get regular checkups of your body, keep feet circulation easy, and keep your legs moving. Here are ten tips for finding perfectly fitting shoes for your feet.

Measure your feet

Make sure that you have your feet measures for size and shape, so you only purchase shoes that fit you. Your foot size and shape keep changing with time. Trace your foot on a paper while going to purchase new shoes. If the shoe does not cover the entire foot, you do not have to try it. Some people can have a larger foot, so make sure you have both feet measured.

Shop During afternoon

Afternoon and nighttime are when your feet expand the most. It happens naturally as you walk through the day. When you purchase shoes later on during the day, it will make sure that your feet stay comfortable even after their maximum expansion.

Purchase different shoes

Each type of show is meant to serve a purpose. You cannot run a marathon informal leather shoes. You need the right shoes for the right walking and running purpose. Running shoes are flexible and offer extra cushioning to prevent injuries and cramps. Use different shoes for different activities to keep your feet in good health.

Measure your feet

Bring your own socks

Bring the socks that you are going to wear with your new shoes. If you are recommended orthotics, bring them to the shoe store and try out shoes while wearing them. Your shoes need to fit the orthotic inside them while offering enough space for your feet.

Rule of thumb

There should be at least half an inch of space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. The heel should fit perfectly in the back, so it does not slip out while walking. The top part of your shoes should be snug and secure. Your feet should feel free while you are wearing the shoes, and you should be able to move your toes freely when you have them on.

Measure your feet

Pay for good shoes

You do not have to overpay for shoes, but you should always pay for good shoes. Good quality running and walking shoes are usually worth it. You do not have to buy unnecessary fashionable shoes, but the ones that serve the purpose are always worth buying. If you try to save too much on the shoes, you will compromise on the quality, which is also not a good idea.

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