Enter this shop in Old Town Alexandria, and you may think you are in one of the Old Town museums, a working museum. There is a true old fashioned shoe shop here, two craftsmen toiling away in a shop full of old lathes and shoe forms.

There are ancient wooden racks on wheels full of leather shoes. Spend a few minutes speaking with a member of the Steube family about their business, and you will understand why they have such a good reputation. Mrs. Steube handles her vendors and suppliers with an iron fist. They know she must receive the best leathers and supplies, because of all of the times she has sent back goods that weren’t up to her high standards.

The Steube family has owned this business since 1896. It is the oldest continually operated shoe repair business in the state of Virginia. They are well known for the finest materials and workmanship. In a display case you will see the original hammers used by Great Grandfather Steube one hundred years ago, and some of the shoes he worked on.
Today the shop is known for:

Shoe and Boot Repair (using Vibram, Goodyear, and Cats Paw)
Certified Orthopedic Service
Luggage and Handbag Repair
Custom Shoe Dying (Bridal and Formal Wear)
The shop in front includes the largest selection of spenco sports aids and orthotics in the area. You’ll also find foot comfort aids, and a full line of shoe and leather care products and laces. There are rawhide, leather, cotton, and waxed laces; a full line of colors of Meltonian, Kiwi, Lexol and other polishes. All major credit cards are accepted.